PIDI Standard is an internationally renowned manufacturer of artemisinin, specializing in  artemisia annua cultivation and artemisinin extraction.

PIDI Standard boasts a production line with an annual processing capacity of 3,500 tons of extract of artemisia annua leaves. In its effort to vigorously develop artemisia annua cultivation, an artemisia annua cultivation base has been built in the vicinity of the Company for reliable quality and stable supply. It covers an area of 3000 acres and benefits 10,000 farmer households.

PIDI Standard is the partner supplier of Clinton Foundation, one of the field trial  partners for the research and development of high content seeds conducted by the University of York and sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the  key partner of the World Health Organization Antimalarial Action and also the partner supplier of Global Fund.

In 2016, PIDI Standard started the production of D(-)Alpha phenylglycine dane salt (Ethyl Potassium) with annual capacity of 1200mt.


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