Construction of Cultivation Bases

Since 2005, PIDI Standard has been engaged in artemisia annua cultivation by building planting bases and setting up a Cultivation  Development Division for that purpose.

Through constant trial and error, the Company has decided on the form of Company + cultivation base + agent + farmers with which to build the artemisia annua cultivation base. In order to facilitate base management and provide technical assistance for farmers, the Company has chosen to cultivate artemisia annua in more than 20 towns within the Wanzhou District of Chongqing Municipality where the factory is based, including Lonsha, Ganning, Guocun, Xikou, Zouma, Xintian, Yanshan, Changtan, Baiyang, Xinxiang, Changping, Fenshui, Yujia and Wuling, and the neighboring counties of Zhongxian, Liangping, Kaixian and Yunyang. The furthest of these areas is no more than 200kilometers away and the nearest is only 10 kilometers from the factory. The favorable geographical locations and climatic conditions are suitable for the cultivation of artemisia annua and help ensure a stable supply of raw materials.

The Company provides the farmers with quality artemisia annua seeds and technical training free of charge every year, benefiting more than 10,000 farmer households and playing a leading role in the agricultural industrialization of the Three Gorges reservoir area.


It is particularly worth mentioning is that in 2006 when the artemisinin industry was facing a severe test, PIDI Standard remained true to the contract by not only purchasing all artemisia annua leaves grown by the farmers, but also assisting the local government in buying artemisia annua leaves produced by the farmers who were unable to sell them due to the default by other companies. PIDI Standard has built a good corporate image of honoring contracts and being trustworthy in the Wanzhou District, and made a contribution to regional stability. 

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