Guangzhou Standard Pharma.Ltd.

Guangzhou Standard Pharma Ltd. is world-renowned pharmaceutical exipients supplier, who is committed to provide high quality products as well as technical  service.

 Standard Pharma has obtained Drug Supply Certificate and Good Supply Practice (GSP) Certificate  issued by SFDA.

 Standard Pharma  has set up marketing and service-based branches in Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shanghai, and warehouses in South (Guangzhou) and North (Tianjing). We can respond  promptly to the demands of clients for logistic and technical service.

 Standard Pharma’s Philosophy of management is inseparable from the respects of the environmental protection value and the spirit of innovation. We advocate and promote the application of direct compression and sustained-release technology and other global advanced technologies among the pharmaceutical enterprises in China. We help our customers to achieve energy conservation and improve product competitiveness.

In the future, Standard Pharma will continue to support the sustainable innovation and development for the pharmaceutical enterprises in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

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